What proportion of proportionality does Key want?

by frog

So, John Key wants a referendum on MMP but still ‘personally favours some proportionality in the voting system.’

“I personally would be surprised if we went back to first past the post.”

So what proportion of proportionality does he want? A few seats somewhere near the back of the chamber where diversity of view can be exhibited like a zoo?

And, If he is in favour of proportionality what is the problem with MMP? Could it be the way MMP means everyone’s votes count rather than just those in swing seats? Maybe it’s the way MMP makes it harder for large corporate lobbyists to influence policy as they do in first past the post electoral systems? Maybe he is struggling to build a consensus among his own caucus and finds the thought of also having to work with other parties too much to bear? Or could this be the conclusive proof people are looking for that he doesn’t want Roger Douglas in parliament?

frog says

Published in Justice & Democracy by frog on Sun, May 18th, 2008   

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