Russel Norman

The sucker test

by Russel Norman

If something bad happens, and you think someone might be responsible for it, you go ask them whether they did it or not.

If they put their hand on their heart and repeatedly say “no, it had nothing to do with me”, then generally you say, “OK I’ll take your word for it”.

But then, what if, irrefutable evidence emerges from other sources that they actually did do it, that they had directly and consciously lied to you. And to add insult to injury, there is never a proper apology.

So next time, when they say they won’t do it, or they didn’t do it, are you suspicious or do you just happily accept their word for it again?

Are you a sucker or not?

At the last election a series of pamphlets were delivered to every household in the country attacking the Greens and Labour. National denied that they had any knowledge of the pamphlets or their authors. Then it was revealed that the Exclusive Brethren put the pamplets together and that they had done so in consultation with the National Party campaign team and leadership. They even coordinated the slogans on the pamphlets so they fitted National’s campaign. National lied and when they got caught they never issued a formal apology. They just changed the front people, kept the backroom people, and hoped we’d all forget about it.

And now the National Party are trying to tell us that they won’t have anything to do with similar campaigns in 2008.

Well, I am a Green, that is I am idealistic about the future of New Zealand and the planet, but I ain’t no sucker.

Published in Justice & Democracy by Russel Norman on Fri, January 11th, 2008   

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