Brian protests against religious tolerance

by frog

See, I find this all, well, a little mortifying.

Frog though it was weird when people marched for their right to hit children, but this (far larger) march to protest against freedom of religion is just surreal isn’t it? Isn’t it?

Pope B is accusing the government of religious treason. Good to see other Churches are speaking out.

If you can face it, there’s extended footage (including a wee snippet of the protests against Arroyo’s visit, which in the typical way of the fickle left I think is a fine manifestation of passion and principle – yes, yes, I can see the faux outrage now…).

What seems particuarly ironic in the footage of the rather sterling haka in the Destiny protest is the loud applause from the crowd. Kinda reminds me of their adulation of Lindsay Perigo during the s59 stuff. Would’ve loved to know how many of the fundamentalist Christians in the crowd would have had Lindsay round for dinner?

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