Climate Science domains battle it out

by frog

In response to the website of the newly-formed Climate Science Coalition,, Greenpeace have launched, which not surprisingly, sets out the case that climate change is occurring and is caused by humans. The coalition obviously weren’t savvy enough to do what many other groups do and register similar domain names to their own and redirect traffic, so Greenpeace leapt in and registered and Legitimate? This was discussed on Nine to Noon this morning, with Owen McShane of the coalition complaining that Greenpeace are trying to mislead people looking for his group.

I think it’s fair enough. Greenpeace are perfectly entitled to do what they did, though I would certainly be annoyed if someone did it to me. Where I lose sympathy for the coalition – aside from my abhorrence of their views – is that I don’t think anyone can claim ownership of a term like “climate science”. It’s too broad, and their attempt to brand themselves this way was misleading in the first place.

frog says

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