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by frog

You may have seen yesterday’s story about a group of scientists, including former TV3 weatherman Augie Auer, who have formed the Climate Science Coalition, aimed at refuting “exaggerated” claims of climate change.

The group’s website is now up, although it’s fairly rudimentary.

Jeanette responded to the news yesterday by pointing out that the IPCC already requires science around global warming to be subjected to rigorous scrutiny, a sentiment echoed by NIWA who put out a press release saying:

The newly formed ‘New Zealand Climate Science Coalition’ is claiming that human activities have contributed only 3.2 percent of the current carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This is wrong.

In fact, about 25 percent of the current levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere results from human activities.

The coalition’s claim is a prime example of the value of having a checking process like the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The IPCC represents a strong, balanced, thorough approach to assessing the science of climate change. The best climate scientists from around the world produce summaries of the latest knowledge. These summaries are then reviewed extensively by hundreds of other scientists.

Hear, hear. Meanwhile, David Farrar has some discussion of the new panel on Kiwiblog, where he says:

One learns a lot about the Green Party thinking when they take they view, yes we may be wrong, but “what would we have lost by trying to prepare to reduce our greenhouse emissions”?

Well a few hundred thousands jobs and billions of dollars of wealth, for a starter.

Or, y’know, the future of the planet…

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