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Sometimes you have to wonder about humankind and its collective level of stupidity.

As a frog, I am sitting here in amazement wondering why it is that people throw away perfectly good money buying something they can get for free.

Check out this study by the Earth Policy Institute, that shows that demand for bottled water is increasing even in places where tap water perfectly good to drink.

It never ceases to amaze me that people whinge and moan the minute petrol prices increase, but they are happy to pay twice that for bottled water when they can simply go to a tap and get it for nothing!

Then there is the mountain of plastic bottles that have to be produced and then disposed of! – it takes 1000 years for those bottles to break down!

Thank goodness Frogs aren’t that stupid.

frog says

Published in Economy, Work, & Welfare | Environment & Resource Management by frog on Mon, February 13th, 2006   


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