A vote for the environment

by frog

If the environment could vote, which party’s box would it tick? Well, environmental organisations up and down the country have got together and rated all the parties’ policies for their Vote for the Environment campaign. Launched this morning by the Environment and Conservation Organisations of New Zealand (ECO), Forest & Bird and Greenpeace, the campaign rates all the parties on whether they will:

  • Improve New Zealand’s biosecurity
  • Make NZ’s energy system climate friendly and sustainable
  • Expand education for sustainability
  • Improve environmental management
  • Protect our lakes, rivers and streams
  • Keep GM organisms in the lab
  • Create more high country parks
  • Advance international environmental efforts
  • Tackle the oceans and fisheries crisis
  • Ensure DOC has the resources and support it needs
  • Improve public access for recreation
  • Clean up and prevent toxic pollution

The marks they give each party are as follows:

Party % Grade
Greens 97% A+
Maori 83% A
Progressive 81% A
Labour 61% B-
NZ First 50% C
United 48% D
National 43% D
Act 10% F

The Vote for the Environment website is up with a great deal of information, though the party ratings haven’t been put up yet. Worth a visit…

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