97% immoral!

by frog

You may remember that United Future MP Marc Alexander said back in June that he hoped the Greens burned in Hell. At the time, I wondered what our MPs had done to deserve this most terrible of fates.

I am wondering no longer. The Centre Church in Paraparaumu, a member of the International Convention of Faith Ministries, has declared the Greens 97 percent immoral. Yup, that’s ninety-seven. We’re pretty much beyond redemption. The whole list of parties in Parliament went as follows, with their immorality rating:

Greens: 97%
Labour: 78%
Progressives: 62.5%
Act: 49%
NZ First: 39%
National: 18%
United Future: 3%

How did they come up with these ratings? Well, they had a look at the voting records of MPs on the following Bills:

  • Prostitution Law Reform Bill (which addressed the problem that users of prostitutes broke no laws while the prostitutes did, and helped provide legal protection against abuse for prostitutes)
  • Civil Union Bill (which extended basic human rights to homosexual Kiwis)
  • Death With Dignity Bill (which would have legalised euthanasia for the terminally ill)
  • Care of Children Bill (which aimed to promote children’s welfare and best interests, by enshrining certain of their rights)

The only reason that the Greens weren’t 100% immoral is that Sue K voted against the Death With Dignity Bill (it being a conscience vote for Green MPs). So, I guess we should all thank God for Sue’s position on that Bill :)

More seriously, though, this survey is a pretty accurate indicator of how socially/morally liberal each party is, with the Greens at the liberal end of the spectrum and United at the conservative. There is, as well, a marked difference between Labour and National in this regard.

The results, however, should be most embarrassing for the Act party. For all it claims to be a liberal party, it is actually little better than NZ First in this regard. Also, Peter Dunne’s attempts to claim that United is anything more than a reactionary, deeply socially conservative party should be given short shrift in light of these results.

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