United in terrorism

United’s attacks on the Greens are almost always vicious. But this one is particularly so. The following is an exchange between Peter Dunne and Agenda host Simon Dallow:

Simon Dallow: The reality of MMP is you are going to probably have to work with some parties with whom you have fundamental differences … One MP we spoke to says you’ve been vicious to the Greens because you see yourself in competition with them for the attentions of Labour. How true is that?

Peter Dunne: Well I don’t think it’s true at all, we’ve been critical of the Greens because we’re not pro-drugs the way they are, we’re not in favour of every passing terrorist group the way they are.

Dunne’s slur on our drug law reform policy is of course inaccurate, but I’ll leave that for another day. Today, my challenge to Mr Dunne is this. Which terrorist groups are the Greens in favour of? Go on. Name just one.

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  1. Frog, I agree the slur on your drug law reform plocy is as inaccurate as it is stupid, but you said. “Which terrorist groups are the Greens in favour of? Go on. Name just one.” Very well, let me open the batting. How about this, Frog:

    Remember soon after September 11 Keith Locke spoke at a meeting in Rotorua on a platform with Annette Sykes. This was a meeting to protest the liberation of Afghanistan.

    As Keith sat there smiling and nodding his head in agreement, Sykes told the audience: “I will never forget that morning turning on my TV and seeing those planes fly into those two towers, I jumped for joy, I was so excited to see that at long last capitalism was
    under attack. I was laughing, I was so happy, but then I saw those people
    jumping out of the windows and it suddenly hit me, oh those poor waiters, the poor cleaners, those poor lift operators, who the greedy capitalists had employed to do all the dirty jobs were probably the people jumping out of the windows.”

    Keith neither challenged nor questioned Sykes’ rant, he sat there and smiled and nodded and then led the applause when she finished.

    Do you wish to defend Keith, Frog?

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  2. Well, PC, I assume your source for this quote is the “Horror File” in the December 2001/February 2002 edition of the Free Radical, compiled by, umm, Peter Cresswell & Cameron Pritchard. The item was repeated in the House by Ron Mark and Simon Power. Keith responded to it then, but I’ll do so again now because you choose to repeat it.

    First of all, I would note that the quote you have produced above differs considerably from the one printed in Free Radical. The general point is the same, but the form of the words differs considerably. Which makes me wonder: which version are you claiming to be true words Annette Sykes spoke? The Free Radical version or this one? If you couldn’t get the words right for Free Radical, how can we have any confidence you got them right this time?

    Second of all, the Free Radical item referred to these words being spoken at a Green Party meeting. It was no such thing. It was organised by a anti-war group, the main organiser being a member of the Alliance. I point this out because if the person who informed Free Radical of the quote didn’t even know what sort of meeting it was, it’s difficult to trust the credibility of the verbatim quote they supplied (whichever version you choose to claim is the real one).

    In fact, Keith says, Annette Sykes did not say what is quoted. In any case, inaccurate rumour is no substitute for fact, and the facts of Keith’s outrage at the September 11 atrocity are clearly available on Hansard or the Green website. It is simply absurd to imply that he supported the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre when he has time and time again attacked it inside and outside Parliament.

    In just one example, go read Keith’s press release of September 16, 2001 (http://www.greens.org.nz/searchdocs/PR4681.html) in which he is quoted as saying:

    “Those who committed the horrific hijacking of four civilian airplanes and the destruction of the World Trade Centre must certainly be brought to justice, and New Zealand is helping to do this.

    “The killing of 5000 innocent people in New York last week was an unspeakable crime, but a massive military assault on a country like Afghanistan would be likely to lead to more innocent civilians being killed. It would only foster more anger in the Islamic world, and produce more terrorists in the long run.

    “The Prime Minister should caution the American government against vengeance. To respond to last week’s events by reaping death and destruction on the citizens of another country could cause a spiral of violence.

    “The world is in shock. It is a time for political leaders to act as statespeople.”

    And, I can assure you, I got *that* quote right. It would be impossible for any fair person to read this statement and conclude that Keith somehow supported/endorsed the September 11 attacks. I would politely request you desist from doing so also.

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  3. Frog, you said, “First of all, I would note that the quote you have produced above differs considerably from the one printed in Free Radical…”

    There was more than one person at that meeting who transcribed Sykes’ digusting comments, and like all transcriptions you’ll get slight differences in wording. There is no difference in the intent betwen transcriptions, nor in Keith’s reaction to them. If you want affidavits from those present who transcibed the comments, they indicated when they supplied them they’d be only too happy to oblige.

    “Second of all, the Free Radical item referred to these words being spoken at a Green Party meeting. It was no such thing. It was organised by a anti-war group, the main organiser being a member of the Alliance.”

    I agree, it was not a Green Party meeting but a meeting organised by an antiwar group with which Keith was involved.

    But now here’s the crux:

    “In fact, Keith says, Annette Sykes did not say what is quoted.”

    Well, she did. I’m pleased to hear that Keith has on other occasions endorsed the hunt for Bin Laden. Perhaps he’s resiled from his reaction that night — I hope so. Or perhaps it just depends on the audience he’s speaking to — I truly hope not.

    In any case, I’m pleased to see this blog resiling from what Sykes said.

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  4. And for the record, here is how the outtake of Sykes’s speech was quoted inThe Free Radical:

    “When I first saw the planes fly into the towers I jumped for joy, I was so happy that at long last capitalism was under attack. Until, it suddenly dawned on me, what about all those poor pizza delivery boys, those poor firemen, those poor policemen, those poor lift-operators, all those poor cleaners, all those other poor workers who are forced to work for and were trying to save those greedy and horrible capitalists!? My heart and head was so confused – happy that some capitalists had been killed and very, very sad for all those who had died while working for them.”

    ‘The form of the words differs considerably’ as you put it only because it continues further than do the words I quoted above.

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  5. Locke also opposed military action against Milosevic. Bit of a pattern there. If Locke had his way the Taliban would still be oppressing and providing bin Laden with a sanctuary. Funny how Locke was so wrong about Afghanistan. But then that’s what you get form being so dogmatically anti-American.

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  6. Sock Thief – so remind me about the stunning success that is Afghanistan…? say:
    – negligible security outside Kabul
    – warlords in control of most of the country
    – a world record opium harvest
    – a population living in a different kind of fear
    – US/Afghani-run gulags
    – no sign of Bin laden

    but – other than that – a highly successful operation! and they got rid of that dreadful burqa. The Taliban were revolting. But let’s not kid ourselves that either the motives or the actuality of the invasion have been any better. It’s a colonialist mindset that thinks the US are attempting to bring democracy, it’s just the heathen Muslims that refuse to embrace/implement it..
    Also, do a bit of background reading on Milosovic.. there’s plenty of evidence emerged since the show-trial started that the media were played like fiddles in painting Milocevic as the new Hitler, and the KLF et al as the heroes.
    Keith Locke is acting in a principled manner by refusing to join in the wind-up-clockwork condemn-the-villain-de-jour chorus.

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