Groundwater: The mysterious life of underground water

groundwater aquifer

On Sunday, we launched my Members’ Bill to protect underground water and aquifers. It’s called the Resource Management (Clean Groundwater) Amendment Bill. Catchy title. What does it do? It changes parts of the Resource Management Act, the legislation that protects our environment so that groundwater is kept safe from contamination and pollution. What? You mean there’s […]

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Report pours cold water on govt renewable energy initiative

The Government’s National Policy Statement on Renewable Energy Generation has been slammed as ineffective by an official report. Ten years ago, the previous Government began work on developing a National Policy Statement (NPS) on Renewable Energy Generation (REG). The idea was to provide guidance to help regional councils streamline their consenting processes for renewable energy […]

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A chance to help sea life in the Hauraki Gulf

The Sea Change Tai Timu Tai Pari report (Hauraki Gulf Marine Spatial Plan) launched last month makes a strong case for ending bottom trawling, purse seining, and dredging in the Gulf as fishing methods which damage the seabed.  The report notes that there was “overwhelming support” for this in public surveys and consultation during the […]

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