No one happy with Smith’s GE vision

ge-free gmo

Environment Minister Nick Smith wants to bully us into accepting GE plants into New Zealand using bad law, unproven claims about productivity, and emotional spin on cancer treatment research. Instead of trashing our overseas reputation, we should be far more visionary: a GE-Free Aotearoa where high-value organic production is sustainable and maximises export returns. As […]

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Steffan Browning: Pesticide reduction and Organic Growth Strategy in Budget 2016

steffan browning garden

The Budget is an opportunity for the Government to launch a pesticide reduction strategy that multiplies the Environmental Protection Authority’s (EPA) and the Ministry for Primary Industries capacity to reassess pesticides and other toxins. A government organic strategy and supportive advisory programme, could mean a major switch to highest value organic production for our primary production exports from all parts of New Zealand.

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Ensuring robust GE protections must also ensure safety of older technologies

A few weeks ago the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) called for submissions about proposed changes to the classifications and subsequent rules around organisms developed using chemical and radiation treatments and that may be considered products of genetic modification (GE/GMO). Background For many years some plant breeding especially, has used chemical or radiation mutagenesis treatments to […]

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Federated Farmers president is trying to take rural New Zealand down a GE rabbithole

New Zealand food producers who are committed to producing safe, organic and GE-free foods will be scratching their heads over a Western Australian Court of Appeal decision this week. Organic farmer Steve Marsh lost 70% of his organic certification because GE canola blew over from the neighbouring farm contaminated his crop. But the court ruled […]

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