Gareth Hughes’ solar tour highlights


I spent my parliamentary recess looking at roofs. Sounds like an Instagram account, I know. There was one thing that the Christchurch suburban bungalow roof; the fancy new-build in Karaka, Auckland roof; the Waikato dairy shed roof; and the Gisborne orchardists’ family home roof had in common – they all had solar photovoltaic (PV) panels […]

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TISA – Another secret trade deal you may never have heard of

  This post first appeared on The Daily Blog You’ve probably heard of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) by now and the widespread concerns around it but what about the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) also being currently negotiated by our Government? TISA is another so-called trade deal, negotiated in secret, aiming at a liberalisation […]

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Global Mode bullying won’t stop people accessing content

It’s disappointing that strong-arm tactics from powerful media companies have meant Global Mode will not get its day in court. Today a settlement was reached terminating the Global Mode service, developed in New Zealand by ByPass Network Services and used by some New Zealand ISPs and consumers to circumvent geoblocking and give Kiwis open access to global media content.

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National needs to pull their head out of the sand on climate change

New Brighton Beach, Christchurch

Green MPs were out across the country attending Heads in the Sand events this weekend. I spoke at the Christchurch event where a couple of hundred people mimicked the Government’s climate policy by burying their heads in the sand. It looked phenomenal; Jan Logie wins style points for her acrobatic version! The event was organised […]

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Govt backs Green plan for a second internet cable

I’m cautiously optimistic of news that the government-owned company Research and Educational Advanced Network New Zealand Ltd (REANNZ) has signed a $65 million anchor tenancy contract with Hawaiki Cable Ltd for its proposed new second internet cable. We announced in December 2012 our plan to fund a much-needed second internet cable. The Green Party plans […]

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Guest Post – Cr Paul Bruce – Don’t Scrap the Trolleys

Lets be clear about this – the scrapping of the trolley buses is nothing to do with age of the fleet and power supply…it has nothing to do with the standard of the overhead wiring…it has nothing to do with the performance of the power stations or under powered trolleys…it has nothing to do with the age of the chassis – they were new 7 years ago.

The decision to scrap the trolley fleet is based on prejudice and the false belief that new tenders with multiple bus companies can not include trolley bus routes.

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Blueprint for the future: a Digital Manufacturing Strategy for New Zealand

Yesterday I launched a component of the Green Party’s smart green innovation package, Blueprint for the Future – a digital manufacturing strategy for New Zealand. It deals with a range of technologies but the most notable, disruptive, and headline grabbing is 3D printing. My personal interest in 3D printing started about a year ago. I had read a bit […]

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The right to Internet access

The Internet has changed our world. It is now a major part of how people access information, express themselves, engage in financial transactions, and participate in the democratic process. UN Special Rapporteur Frank La Rue “…believes that the Internet is one of the most powerful instruments of the 21st century for increasing transparency in the […]

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We need to protect our Internet rights

New Zealanders deserve the right to a thriving, open Internet which supports economic development, innovation and free speech. The Internet over the last twenty five years has changed everything; from how we communicate, how we buy and sell products and even how we fall in love. Our laws in many respects are trying to play catch-up with the rapid development of the Internet and in some cases have actually harmed its free and open nature.

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