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Setting our sights on organic

by Steffan Browning

Bhutan has set the brilliant target of becoming a 100 percent organic in their food production.

Although their target is higher than ours, Green Party policy is to set targets for organic production in New Zealand and we will be continuing to push for this.

New Zealand has great examples of successful organic production across a range of productive sectors, contributing to our clean green 100 percent pure image and to a smart green economy.

As they say in this Guardian blog, for Bhutan to go 100 percent organic will take time and has to be done region by region, crop by crop.

It also has to be done side by side with producers; working with them to establish how to reduce chemical inputs onto their farms while also increasing their profitability.

New Zealand should join Bhutan and other countries such as Sweden, which has met and exceeded an organic target of 10 percent by the year 2000, adjusting it to 20 percent in recognition of the contribution of organics to sustainability including pesticide reduction, community health, and market demand.

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