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Organics the future of agriculture

by Steffan Browning

The Worldwatch Institute has just released their report into organic land use and found that between 1999 and 2010 the amount of land farmed organically grew more than threefold. The growing worldwide demand for organic food, clothing, and other products is leading to this change in land use.

They do note, however, that the area of land certified as organic still makes up just 0.9 percent of global agricultural land. I am reading that as a good opportunity for a lot more growth in organics – the other 99.1%.

There is definitely demand for change. This month also saw 25,000 people demonstrating in Berlin against industrial agriculture. I particularly like their chant “If you persecute farmers, animals and bees, you won’t become MPs!”

I absolutely agree with the Association of German Dairy Farmers that only if “farmers and citizens stand up together for reform of agricultural policy can we keep our farms operating and ensure that at long last we produce healthy food under conditions of fairness.”

With this preceding the announcement of the suspension of sales and use of the nitrification inhibitor dicyandiamide after traces of the chemical were found in milk it’s very clear that we need a farming system that ensures us clean, safe food.

That is something organics can provide.

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