Russel Norman

National’s innovation policy in three charts

by Russel Norman

If Steven Joyce is such a believer in innovation, why is he planning to cut his investment in innovation so dramatically?

Here, in three charts, is what National’s long-term commitment to innovation looks like:

National spend on innovation

Chart source: Draft National Statement of Science Investment

1. National will cut their investment in science and innovation by 21 percent, in real terms, out to 2023/24.

2. The cuts parallel their lack of a long-term commitment, in real terms, to tertiary education – the pipeline of our future innovators:

National spend on tertiary education

Chart source: Treasury 2014

3. Is it little wonder, therefore, that after six years of a National Government, our export economy continues to simplify?

Manufactured exports

Chart source: Statistics NZ

There is an alternative to National’s plan to bet the farm on the farm, and that is a smart green economy. Read more here: