Have your say on what Internet rights should look like

Today I launched my Internet Rights and Freedoms Bill – NZ’s first ever bill crowdsourced by a political party. The launch happened live on Reddit, and I was joined in my office Joy Liddicoat (former Human Rights Commissioner and present champion for online rights) and with the media watching on.

Internet Freedoms Bill launch

What I launched today was a draft version of the bill, and now I’m seeking feedback from the public to shape the final version.

The aim of the bill is to protect ten basic rights and freedoms for Internet users, as well as creating an Internet Rights Commissioner and a Chief Technology Officer for New Zealand.

The Greens believe in a free, open, thriving Internet – built on free speech, innovation and democracy. I want to make sure that all Internet users are protected by basic human rights and to encourage innovation, digital democracy and the growth of NZ’s ICT sector.

Crowdsourcing is a really exciting way to get feedback and to help make laws more accessible and engaging. I’m really looking forward to see what we can all come up with together.

More information on the Bill and details on how to participate head to: http://www.internetrightsbill.org.nz/

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  1. But please don’t forget people need protection against cyber bullying too which many are not getting and which can be VERY extreme. I’m talking about cyber bullying in which the person’s privacy is not respected and extreme slander occurs. And New Zealanders need to be protected from extreme cyber bullying done by foreigners.

  2. It seems what was a tool for everyone with the hardware (now a mobile phone) for open and frank discussion of events and political happenings is fast coming under the control of faceless bureaucrats in grey suits and whatever other fashion accessories. We only have our freedom to loose by letting states invade what we use the internet for (with the caveat of clearly identifiable criminal activities and that requires a lawful warrant).

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