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Waste-free challenge, day 3: Plastic-coated plastic

by Denise Roche

Day three of my waste-free week challenge and I realise that it takes quite an effort to minimise my own waste in this disposable world.

Refusing single-use packaging and products takes a consciousness that I wouldn’t normally have. I normally run on auto like everyone else.

Consequently I had some epic fails that happened while I was on auto-pilot in a hotel room.

Fail: tetrapak milk
Fail: single serving of coffee in foil wrap
Fail: small soap in plastic packaging

Tetra pak of milk

Blimmin’ tetra pak

Obviously I need to be doing more forward planning.

And my last fail yesterday was the $40 parking ticket. It’s made of some kind of plastic-coated plastic. So I get punished for my bad parking twice!

Published in Environment & Resource Management by Denise Roche on Tue, March 25th, 2014   

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