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Tomorrow I start a week-long challenge to create no waste.  It’s primarily a fundraiser (feel free to sponsor me) however it is also an opportunity for me to look at my own consumer behaviour and how much I contribute to the growing amount of rubbish being buried in our landfills.

I’m already starting to notice how I am surrounded by single-use disposable objects.  Face-wipes, cotton buds, straws, plastic sandwich containers, oh, and of course the ubiquitous disposable coffee cups with their plastic lids to name just a few.

I realise that real waste minimisation needs strong government legislation for product stewardship and extended producer responsibility.  For example, if we were to legislate so that there was a deposit on every drink container we would create a cleaner supply of plastic and glass bottles to recycle, we’d create Green jobs through increased recycling, we’d reduce litter and we would have an easily accessible funding solution for community groups or those who are hard up.

Consumer behaviour change is of course part of the solution but we can’t rely on that alone.

This week I expect I am going to find it incredibly difficult to avoid making waste.  One thing’s for sure, I expect I’ll be learning a lot.

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