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Kiwis’ anti-drilling messages delivered to Parliament

by Gareth Hughes

I spent a lot of my summer at the beach, which might sound a bit lazy for an MP in election year, but I was in it for more than the surf and sunburn. I was meeting with Kiwis concerned about deep sea oil.

Up and down the beautiful coasts of Aotearoa, people came out in their hundreds and thousands to take a stand against foreign oil companies drilling in our waters. School kids, surfers, swimmers, business people, tourism operators, fishermen, kayakers – all these people had looked at what the National Government and oil drilling companies like Anadarko are offering and said “no thanks”.

I promised those people I’d bring their concerns to Parliament, and today I did that, delivering thousands of anti-drilling messages to Energy Minister Simon Bridges.

I was joined by about 40 people who are adamant that dirty oil is not the future we want for New Zealand.

Anadarko messages

The choice for New Zealand is a stark one, and to demonstrate this, we created a 7 metre long vision of a cleaner, smarter future for New Zealand.

 Gareth Anadarko

As the National Government gags New Zealanders’ ability to fight deep sea drilling by limiting the right to protest at sea, and to have a say on proposals for exploratory wells, the Green Party is listening to the thousands of New Zealanders who want a safer, cleaner, greener future.  I was proud to represent them today.

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