Summer campaigning

Happy New Year, hope you are having a fantastic summer. For the last two weeks I’ve been on the road campaigning to stop risky deep sea oil drilling and promote clean energy.

Over summer I’ve been running the ‘Anadarko: wish you weren’t here’ campaign on our beaches to send a message to Anadarko they can expect opposition to their ultra-deep oil drilling to grow. We will oppose them on the beaches, we will oppose them in the Parliament; and we will oppose them on the streets and online. While Kiwis were out enjoying our beautiful beaches this summer, Anadarko, just over the horizon have been risking them.

Working with Auckland Cut Collective artist Ross Liew he has designed and painted a huge mural on a wall front in Ponsonby and I have been taking around a billboard version asking the public to take a photo with it as part of a visual petition. You can see even Lucy Lawless joined!


We’ve had a fantastic response from the public and I think momentum really is building to stop this desperate risky form of extraction and instead focus on the things like clean energy and the IT sector that will grow a richer New Zealand.


You can send your message to Anadarko too and invite your friends on facebook.

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  1. Hmmm…. drilling at extreme depths for more of a resource we can’t afford to burn accomplishes what exactly? Apart from risking the beaches and the marine food chain?

  2. I must have missed where National are actively campaigning on destroying the environment.

    I did note where they strengthened the petroleum regulations to (further) improve safety of dilling and production activities.

  3. Isn’t democracy a wonderful thing where I pay taxes that are used by the National Party in their efforts to destroy my environment?

  4. Isn’t democracy a wonderful thing where I pay taxes that are used by you in your efforts to destroy my livelihood?

    Anyway – you don’t speak for me, and you don’t speak for the majority of others. Good luck in finding oil Anardarko!

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