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Gigantic seabed mining application not NZs future

by Gareth Hughes

Whewh. I just got my submission in on Trans-Tasman Resource’s (TTR) application to mine the seabed on the North Island’s West Coast on the last day. I hope you can make a submission today too.

You can read my submission here and you can use the Kiwis Against Seabed Mining handy submission guide here.





Seabed mining is the next great environment battle facing us and risks our oceans. New Zealand is the forefront of this threat and it is vitally important we protect the places we love from extractive activities that cause real damage. Last year the Government of the Northern Territory in Australia became the world’s first government to impose a moratorium on seabed mining, to undertake more research into the impacts of exploration and mining activity.In September this year, the Namibian Government also placed a moratorium on seabed mining because of concerns mining would jeopardise the fishing industry and that there was not solid proof it would not have negative impacts on the environment. New Zealand should follow suit and I am recommending the EPA reject TTR’s application and promote a seabed mining moratorium for New Zealand.

New Zealand’s future lies in protecting the environment that is the basis for our prosperity. We have a wealth of economic development opportunities in clean energy, green tech and smart industries like IT and this is where a richer future for Kiwis will come from, that don’t damage the environment.


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