The gender pay gap – an update

The latest census has given us an update on the state of the gender pay gap.

Since the last census men’s median income only increased by 15.9 percent and women’s median income while increased 20.9 percent. That might make you think things were improving until you read ‘Men were more likely than women to have an income of over $70,000, at 19.6 percent for men compared with 8.3 percent for women.’ and’ Men had a median income of $36,500/ women $23,100. Men’s median income is 60% higher than women’s!

This shows us the stark inequality between men and women in NZ:

This NZ Institute of Accountants 2013 survey also showed us what this gap means for chartered accountants.

“The 2013 survey reiterates that there is a substantial difference between male and female Chartered Accountants’ remuneration. This difference is seen from the outset of their careers with male CAs with five or less years’ experience earning $3605 more than female CAs.
This difference in remuneration continues throughout their careers with the gap in average remuneration becoming as large as $47,315 at 16 to 20 years of experience.
When you remove the effects of experience, organisation size, number of direct reports and hours worked there is still a gender gap in remuneration which is not explained by anything else. The 2013 figure of $18,350 is an increase on last year where the gap, taking into account the same factors, was $15,852.”

Kristine Bartlett has been highlighting all year the exploitation of women doing highly skilled and essential care work.

The Green Party is committed to progressing a comprehensive equal pay agenda.

*hat tip to Green Economist Prue Hyman for her analysis of the Census results.

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  1. It is bizarre, isn’t it; you’d have thought chartered accountants would not accept discrimination as they effectively have their choice of roles. The “why” behind this would be most interesting.

    There is one even more bizarre finding; if you are at the top of your profession, it pays to be female; the highest paid chartered accountants are women, and by a huge margin; none of the blokes get within $100K of the top gals!

  2. I would be very interested in seeing the facts as hourly rates as well as annual incomes.
    For instance, when working in a very large accounting firm it was normal to see many mature (30 plus) men working late Into the evening, but far fewer mature women. The reason was obvious to me as a husband and father, the women had roles to fill at home that the men didn’t, partly because of natural gender inclination, partly from traditional role playing and partly from gender bias.
    Because the revenue to the firm from these men was higher than for the women, at bonus time they would receive a higher sum, and so their annual income would be higher, though rarely would their actual paid hourly rate be any different; and yes, we did calculate such things as average pay per client billed hour.

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