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Rights and their role in shaping our country

by Jan Logie

This week the constitutional advisory panel reported back to government. Based on really extensive consultations they’ve made some great recommendations for government action.

The recommendation I’m most excited is adding economic, social and cultural rights, and environmental right to the Bill of Rights Act.

Well done Amnesty for getting the economic social and cultural rights onto the agenda. They are essential to our collective and individual wellbeing/survival as is protecting our environment.

All too many of our national systems create and recreate systems of exploitation of people and the power of ‘man over nature’.

This thinking has given us climate change, environmental degradation, mass poverty, violence against women, homophobia, racism, obscene inequality, genocide and war.

This is all part of the same system so to turn things around we need to imagine a different future and create systems to deliver that future.

The need for some joined-up thinking that recognizes the interconnectedness of people and the planet is becoming even more urgent. It’s wonderful to see the growing recognition of this.

The promotion and protection of economic, social, cultural and environmental rights is part of ensuring New Zealanders, and everyone in the world, can have good lives and a fair future.

Published in Justice & Democracy by Jan Logie on Fri, December 6th, 2013   

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