UN climate conference – New Zealand rates a mention

On the final day of the UN climate conference in Warsaw, New Zealand has rated a mention.

The daily broadsheet ECO, produced  by Climate Action Network, has published two editorial letters on Friday. One was to Japan, the other to New Zealand.  Here is ours.

“Dear New Zealand,

We are hearing that the climate change minister feels a bit neglected. COP 19 is nearly over and not even one NZ fossil.  Usually by now you could expect two or three.  Quite frankly, it’s because none could be bothered.

As the Minister is fond of pointing out, New Zealand is only a teeny tiny part of the world’s emissions.  And so is New Zealand’s ambition. The 5% net unilateral target trumpeted by New Zealand in the plenary is weaker than business-as-usual.

When they seek a bilateral to ask for something, ECO wonders why anyone would bother.  Because when it comes to tackling climate change, it sure doesn’t bother New Zealand.”

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  1. The ostriches are too busy burying their heads in the sand, I am afraid. And how much effort was Groser happy to make, when he was trying to get the top WTO job not so long ago. A frequent flyer when it is convenient, rather “wingless” a bird, when it comes to addressing climate issues.

  2. Yes… well we need to get elected so we can put some nice sharp teeth into the ETS, kick Andarko out of our economic zone and fix our economic imbalance.

    Tall order when the chief reason we aren’t already in power is the utter ignorance of the average person about the actual problems.

    How do we reach the average Kiwi?

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