Gareth Hughes

Drill it, mine it…or walk it?

by Gareth Hughes

I recently had the priveleged opportunity to meet Tommaso Lizzi, an Italian traveller, while he dropped in on Wellington. He’s currently walking the length of New Zealand on the incredible 3,000 km, 120-day Te Araroa Trail. He reckons this is the best way to experience the unique environment New Zealanders are so lucky to live in.


His actions are also in support of Kiwis Against Seabed Mining, KASM’s, work to raise public awareness about proposals to mine around our seabeds and coastlines. Currently, the seabed off the south Taranaki coast is at risk from foreign-owned Trans Tasman Resources (TTR) application to the EPA for marine consent. Kasm as well as Tommaso are working hard to let as many people as possible express their views during the public submission period for the application, a window of four weeks beginning around November 21.

They believe the West Coasts’ swells and currents set a dynamic environment which would be poorly understood by TTR if the mining was allowed. This would also set a precedent for the allowance of further risky mining around New Zealand’s coasts.

The passion Tommaso has for this cause inspired me, and reminded me of the spirit New Zealand’s environment can bring to people. Tommaso’s efforts are an example of the cool and unique ways people can fight to protect our environment every day.

Tommaso’s journey can be followed on his blog  the Facebook page Te Araroa Trail Against Seabed Mining

Published in Environment & Resource Management by Gareth Hughes on Tue, November 12th, 2013   

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