Victory: better shark protections on the horizon

It’s time to celebrate.

The Green Party along with the NZ Shark Alliance and lots of everyday New Zealanders have managed to convince the Government that shark finning is a grossly wasteful practiceand should be stopped.

Shark finning – the practice of killing a shark, cutting off its fins and discarding the carcass back to sea – has been legal in New Zealand, but the Government has just proposed to ban it.

This is good news for sharks who play an important role in our marine ecosystem.

For example, a ban on shark finning would mean that blue sharks caught in tuna nets would likely be released back to the sea alive instead of having their fins cut off and carcasses dumped overboard.

If you want the Government to implement this proposal to help keep our oceans healthy, then tell the Government you support their ban on shark finning.

We have an online submission form to make it easy.

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  1. great news! let’s hope it will actually happen soon instead of being another long delayed, even possibly failed promise made to serve the purpose of making Nat govt look good (hey we do have hearts, you know…)

  2. Hmmmmm…the National Government has finally looked at the issue and finally addressed it with a promise to change. What’s that really worth, do you think? Celebrating? Maybe. When’s it to become a reality? Next year (October) and only for some fishers. Why not say NO now, as of now?

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