Asian Human Rights Commission report on genocide in West Papua

A new report released by Hong Kong based Asian Human Rights Commission is a damning indictment of the historical role of both the Indonesian and Australian Governments in West Papua. The report shows a consistent pattern of state killings, actual massacres and attacks on communities over the last 30 years.

It shows that helicopters supplied by the Australian Government were used in a war against West Papuan citizens and that countless atrocities have not been addressed. This report supports the Green Party’s ongoing challenge to the Minister of Foreign Affairs to show some leadership and stand up for peaceful negotiations between West Papuan leaders and Indonesia. The secret war against West Papua continues and this report gives weight to the many voices over many years who have called for action.

Radio New Zealand’s Pacific correspondent Michael Field discussed the report on Nine to Noon today, you can listen to his report here.

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  1. The facts are: most people want peace & non-violence.. BUT the ‘war industry’ & other economic ‘interests’ have more sway in the ‘real world’

    Keep up the good work Catherine.. to at least highlight this !


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