Oil spill modelling a wake-up call

Oil spill modelling released by Greenpeace today should be a wake-up call to the National Government who must immediately abandon its risky deep sea drilling agenda.  Greenpeace today launched an innovative new website which tracks possible oil spills off the Taranaki and Otago coasts.

Greenpeace also released Trajectory analysis of deep sea oil spill scenarios in New Zealand waters, a report analysing the effects of oil spills from the two areas Anadarko is planning to drill exploratory wells this summer. Now that Anardarko have released their environmental impact assessment report both Greenpeace and Anardarko agree we could see oil hitting Kiwi beaches, including iconic beaches like Piha. It’s clear a large scale oil spill would have catastrophic consequences for New Zealand’s environment and economy.

The Government is simply not prepared for a spill like the 600,000 tonne oil spill we saw in the Gulf; we don’t have the capacity to deal with an underwater leak, key equipment is stored on the other side of the world and Maritime New Zealand has nominated only 5500 tonnes as their response target.

Greenpeace’s oil spill modelling highlights what’s at risk from deep sea drilling and why we must stop it and instead turn our attention to clean energy.

Infographic credit NZ Herald.
Infographic credit NZ Herald.





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  1. those big oil companies (& other big companies produce harmful wastes) usually target at either weak or ignorant or corrupt govts in the world and do their dirty works in those countries. when shit happens, they will move away to the next country, leave the horrible huge messes for those ruined country’s tax payers to foot the bill…

    a wrecked environment/eco system (ocean and lands) can never be repaired or recovered to its original state even millions years after (well I guess that won’t be a problem to us as I see the rate it’s going how some evil human beings wreck our planet, we human beings won”t even be here still in 100 years time, I guess those super riches think they can escapte to Moon (Mars) to live? wow how much fun that will be…)

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