Frackers sue Canada – another reason to oppose TPPA

If you were wondering about why environmentalists are so concerned about the so-called trade deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, have a look what is happening in Canada.

This week, an electronic copy of a quietly filed lawsuit was unearthed, exposing the fact that oil and gas company Lone Pine Resources is moving forward with a $250-million North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) lawsuit against Canada. Why is Lone Pine suing Canada? For the “arbitrary, capricious, and illegal revocation of the Enterprise’s valuable right to mine for oil and gas under [Quebec’s] Saint Lawrence River.” Lone Pine is suing Canada over Quebec’s timeout on fracking. 

Investor state dispute clauses likely in the TPPA agreement challenge the rights of governments to set stronger environmental policies. Along with other pernicious clauses relating to intellectual property, bans on parallel importing and threats to Pharmac.

I think quote sums the concerns up nicely.

Enough is enough. It’s time that governments stop signing trade and investment pacts that put the rights of corporations above the rights of communities and the environment. My right to clean water, clean air, and a healthy planet for my family and community has to come before Lone Pine’s right to mine and profit. Doesn’t it?

It’s time to release the secret text and to let Kiwis decide if they want to sign away their rights to corporations or choose to protect their sovereignty, environment and interests. Take action; send a message to the Government.

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  1. Let’s not get side-tracked arguing over whether this is new news or old news. The real issue remains the same.

  2. “An American company intends to sue the Canadian government for more than $250 million over Quebec’s controversial moratorium on hydraulic fracturing or fracking.”

    Intends. I intend to fly to Mars one day….


  3. @bliss.

    photonz1 gave you the reference to the Huffington Post in his comment above. It was 23 November 2012.
    Why don’t you just click on the link he posted. Is that too hard?
    It is hardly relevant that you have managed to find someone who isn’t up with the play is it?

  4. At the risk of feeding the trolls, I would like to ask re As for the claim of a “quietly filed lawsuit” being unearthed this week – what nonsense. This story was in the Canadian news, Huffington Post etc – a YEAR ago. where is a link to that?

    Here it says The company last month submitted a claim [PDF] to an international arbitration system seeking damages because of “Quebec’s arbitrary, capricious, and illegal revocation” of its “valuable right to mine for oil and gas under the St. Lawrence River.” The claim is based on Chapter 11 of the North American Free Trade Agreement, which allows private companies to sue governments when laws hurt their expected profits.

    That article was from 3-Oct-2013.

    The notice of arbitration, whatever that is IANAL is dated 6-Sep-2013.

    Who has not got whose facts straight?


  5. Scare tactics are far more effective if you have the facts straight! Perhaps you just discovered the lawsuit this week but the rest of the world has been aware for a year! Release the secret text? Oh please, with that drama why not take up a career as a Shortland St writer.

  6. case like this makes me sick; imagine what could possibly happen in the future if we allow deep sea oil drill?
    Damn this govt who is only good at exploiting us and our environment. I have ran out of tears for us and our children…

  7. There have been several cases like this in the past. Almost all have failed.

    However in one case the Canadian govt shut down a company because of claimed environmental concerns. The company sued, and won.

    They won because –
    1/ Canada could not prove what they were doing was harmful.
    2/ Canada only stopped one foreign company, but took no action at all to stop Canadian companies doing the same thing.

    As for the claim of a “quietly filed lawsuit” being unearthed this week – what nonsense. This story was in the Canadian news, Huffington Post etc – a YEAR ago.

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