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London School of Economics on copyright

by Gareth Hughes

Yesterday I had a guest blog published on Kiwiblog, discussing a new report from the London School of Economics, challenging the punitive and protectionist stance to copyright that many Governments, including our own, have taken. 

It’s a timely report that challenges the claims the music industry is at mortal peril from online file-sharers and that graduated response regimes like our Copyright (Infringing File-Sharing) Amendment Act, or more popularly known as the ‘Skynet Law’ are the best way forward to address the challenge of copyright infringement.

The New Zealand Government unfortunately has decided to delay the anticipated copyright review and with more reports published challenging the effectiveness of graduated response regimes to copyright infringement as seen in our Skynet Law it’s time the Government reopened the copyright debate and let evidence set policy. I would much rather the Government put their energy into promoting legal content over punitive laws that stifle innovation and plainly don’t work.

We know that these punitive approaches don’t work. Let’s scrap the broken Skynet, and approach a 21st century issue with 21st century thinking.



Published in Society & Culture by Gareth Hughes on Wed, October 9th, 2013   


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