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Why you should care about TICS

by Steffan Browning

The Telecommunications (Interception Capability and Security) Bill, otherwise known as the TICS bill, will be back in Parliament next week.

This bill is a big deal, so over the next week in the lead-up to it being debated again, I’m going to do a series of blog posts about what this bill means for different sectors and why you should care about it.

It was introduced on the same day as the GCSB bill and is its technical side-kick. It gives the GCSB, SIS and the Police the right to carry out surveillance and gives the GCSB powers of oversight over how network providers operate.

But while the GCSB bill was storming through the House, sparking huge public debate and media attention, the TICS bill was quietly moving through the select committee process with significantly less attention being paid to it.

It’s now about to go back to the House for its final stages. And it’s time for us to raise the awareness of this bill and get people talking about it.

Tomorrow’s blog post – why heavy-hitters including Microsoft and Google are so against this bill.

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