Qatar should lose football world cup unless worker exploitation stops

The beautiful game is under attack due to claims that migrant workers tasked with getting Qatar’s footballing infrastructure up to scratch for the 2022 World Cup are being exploited.

When Qatar won the rights to host the 2022 World Cup there were concerns about how footballers tasked with running around for 90 minutes would cope with the heat.

Since that time there seems to have been precious little concerns for the migrant workers from Nepal that will build these grand stadiums while working in 50 degree heat.

According to a Guardian investigation at least 44 migrant workers died between 4 June and 8 August this year. More than half died of heart attacks, heart failure or workplace accidents.

Horrifically the international trade union confederation claims that, before the World Cup even kicks off in 2022, more than 4000 workers will have died due to the horrific working conditions they are experiencing in Qatar.

When Qatar bid for the world Cup it is almost certain they didn’t furnish FIFA with this information.  However it should be standard practice for when countries bid for huge global sporting events that sports bodies such as FIFA look at the human rights and treatment of workers.

The New Zealand CTU has called on our football body to urge FIFA to investigate this abuse.

Already too many migrant workers have been exploited and paid the ultimate price. The football world cup is one of the most watched sporting events on the planet.  The whole sporting world needs to stand up and make certain the exploitation in Qatar stops  If it doesn’t Qatar should be stripped of its hosting rights.

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  1. Thanks, “Qatar Truth”. The fact that Qatar has a botnet that trawls blogs for anyone talking about Qatar and worker’s rights speaks volumes.

  2. Qatar treats all of its workers with dignity and respect. The workers receive free food and beverage and get multiple breaks. On Friday they get free Pizza from Pizza Hut.

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