24 more hours to protect our beaches

Right now the National Government is rolling out the red carpet to oil companies who can put in bids for the right to do risky exploratory deep sea drilling in tens of thousands of square kilometres of New Zealand’s ocean.

The Green Party is putting in a competing bid – the Kiwi Bid – which asks the Government to leave these areas free of risky deep sea drilling in order to protect our beaches from a catastrophic oil spill.

But we only have until midday tomorrow to gather together all of our love for our coastline and submit our Kiwi Bid to protect our water and beaches.

The Government’s bidding process ends tomorrow, and we going to leave our bid in the red letterbox at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment at 1:00pm.

If you want to protect our beaches from the dangers of deep sea drilling be sure to add your name to the Kiwi Bid now. Over 13,000 New Zealanders have already signed!

You can check out the full Kiwi Bid application to Government here.

Right now is the time to tell the Government that New Zealanders want to protect our oceans, not drill them.

After all, deep sea drilling is not worth the risk. While there are some economic benefits to deep sea drilling they don’t justify risking a catastrophic spill that could cost us billions.

Rather than backing the oil industry, the National Government would do better to encourage other sectors of the economy like clean energy that build on our valuable clean green brand and don’t risk a major oil spill.

Add your name to our Kiwi Bid and share with others.

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