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by Catherine Delahunty

Peter Dunne says we are just being nostalgic because we want to save “Learning Media” from closure. He says the School Journal will carry on. The Minister of Education says things like “maybe” and “for now”.

They think the privitisation of quality educational resources for schools is the natural order and if you cannot make it in the market place it’s just too damn bad.

More than 100 highly skilled people are going to lose their jobs as a result of the Government refusing to help Learning Media. They took away their largest education contract and have refused to re integrate them back into the Ministry of Education.

There is outrage on social media because people love Schools Journals. We love the history, the quality and the digital resources. We don’t believe that any contractor with no history can pick up the incredible work that learning media has done in building connections with the best and brightest writers and artists in our country and publishing this for our children.

This decision is consistent with the bad decisions that are being made about our valuable state assets every day. It is a small version of the big sell-off that led to 327,000 people signing the asset sales petition.

This small iconic organisation is being shut down for failure to compete not for the extraordinary quality of their work.

The School Journal is one of the great success stories of our education system and many a talented artist and writer has started by working with them. The Minister of Education appears allergic to the taxpayers owning our best quality resources. What is more, it’s a form of illiteracy to destroy an obvious educational success which inspires literacy!

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