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New Zealand’s role in the Pacific

by Jan Logie


Kiribati Parliament – demonstrating the threat of sea level rise in the Pacific

This week New Zealand is attending the Pacific Island Forum in the Marshall Islands.

Considering the present and visible impact of climate change in the Pacific it’s not surprising that it is top of the agenda for discussion at this Pacific Islands Forum.

John Key has defended New Zealand’s record on climate change.

This isn’t good enough.

There are four simple things New Zealand needs to start doing now:

  1. We need to immediately deliver on our commitment (question 12) to provide $30 million of “scaled up, new and additional” funding for climate change adaptation and mitigation. Instead of honouring our commitment for new funding New Zealand has taken this funding from the existing aid budget. This means Pacific countries get positive climate change programmes instead of poverty alleviation initiatives. In effect we are making them pay twice for the consequence of our actions.
  2. We need to set a serious emission reduction target.
  3. We need to use these actions and our position in the Pacific to take leadership on Climate Change. Our neighbours and Pacific family are depending on us.
  4. Stop talking about climate migration in the Pacific as if it is a long-term issue, irrelevant to countries now.




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