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Modernising elections

by Holly Walker

Today the Government announced that online voting will be trialled at the next local body elections in 2016. Although it’s a while away, and is only a trial at this stage, this is really great news.

Turnout at local body elections is notoriously low and online voting has the potential to be a great tool for increasing turnout and engagement. It will also help to maximise accessibility.

There are security issues associated with online voting that I’m hopeful will be addressed in this trial. If it’s a success, it will be great to see it expand to general elections as well.

Today’s news comes on top of the Government’s announcement last week that we’re likely to have online enrolment in time for next year’s General Election.

Modernising the way that people can participate in elections with online enrolment and online voting is an important step in encouraging people to get involved. Giving people options and making it easier for people to participate will hopefully make a big difference to voter engagement and stop the trend of declining voter turnout

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