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A few days ago the Government announced it was planning to strip the public’s right to oppose exploratory deep sea drilling. This is the same activity that the Deepwater Horizon was engaged in when it exploded and sank in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

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The Government wants to allow exploratory deep sea drilling to take place in our exclusive economic zone (EEZ) while denying the public its say on individual applications for the drilling.

This is undemocratic enough, but to add insult to injury, the Government proposes to pass this measure into law by way of a supplementary order paper to the Marine Legislation Bill. This means that the proposal will not go before a select committee.

Today’s Dominion Post opinion piece characterises the proposal this way:

“So an anti-democratic measure will not have the benefit of the usual democratic scrutiny. This doubles the offence.

It is still more worrying that this kind of shuffle has happened before. Energy Minister Simon Bridges used the same trick to put through his “Anadarko Amendment” which bans certain forms of protesting at sea.

Once again the measure raised serious issues of democratic rights.

Once again it did not have to face public scrutiny through the select committee.

The Government has no business doing any of this. It may think deep-sea mining will bring an economic bonanza, but it does not have the right to sneak through its pro-mining measures and trample on the public’s rights. Its actions are both high-handed and sly and they are completely unacceptable.”

If you want to tell the Government what you think of their proposal, we have an online submission form that makes it easy.


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  1. Starting to sound like ‘DEMOCRACY’ in Aotearoa/NZ is being redefined by Key & his cronies.. (‘Do as I say, not as I do ?!’)

    Interestingly these are similar tactics to another extreme right-wing party.. ‘NATIONAL Socialist Workers Party’ (Germany 1933-45) also similar to the regime in former ‘East Germany’ 1961-1989 (Stasi)


  2. In the newspaper article, there’s a proposed protest at Parliament on Thursday.

    It clashes with a seminar on the progress or otherwise of climate change negotiations.

  3. Damn Key govt!
    If we let him, he will have no hesitation to change our national flag to the same as American’s, just add one more star!
    Well he is afraid of the possible mass protest on the water before it even happens…such a coward!

  4. I just can’t believe it.
    Every day this disgusting Key government becomes more and more fucking arrogant. If that is possible…

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