Gareth Hughes

No say for exploratory deep sea drilling

by Gareth Hughes

This week the Government announced plans to shut the public out from having a say on applications for the same activity that caused the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico: exploratory deep sea oil drilling.

Deep sea drilling should be a prohibited activity given that, if there is a leak from a deep sea oil rig, the consequences for New Zealand’s environment, economy and reputation would be catastrophic.

But if the Government is going to recklessly consider applications for this risky activity, then at the very least the public should have a say on each and every application.

I put it to the Government in Question Time this week that exploratory drilling is the riskiest phase of oil production, and can lead to horrendous accidents.

A lot of you are justifiably angry about the Government’s proposal to remove your ability to oppose its risky deep sea oil drilling plans. If you are wondering what steps to take next, the Kiwi Bid is something you can take part in right away.

You might be thinking: what’s the deal with the Kiwi Bid?

Well, the National Government is rolling out the red carpet to oil companies who can right now put in bids for the right to do risky exploratory deep sea drilling off the coast of New Zealand.

But we have laid out a better option. With your help, we can put in a bid to compete with the oil companies’ bids. A bid to protect our waters for all of us, not exploit them – a bid by Kiwis for Kiwis: “The Kiwi Bid.”

You can sign the Kiwi Bid here.

Once you’ve signed the Kiwi Bid, check back on Frog Blog next week when we’ll have a link to a submission guide to help you have your say on the latest removal of public rights.


Published in Environment & Resource Management by Gareth Hughes on Sat, August 31st, 2013   

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