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SkyCity looks to gobble up TVNZ site

by Denise Roche

There was a good article by Matt Nippert recently outlining how poor a negotiator the Government had been over the SkyCity deal.

Expect this shonky negotiation to continue as SkyCity looks to gobble up as much land as possible adjacent to its casino complex.  SkyCity particularly wants the land currently occupied by Television New Zealand.

SkyCity has already paid TVNZ $5.25 million for prime Auckland CBD reals estate but SkyCity wants more, and potentially even the whole of TVNZ’s current site.

TVNZ themselves are not keen on this idea pointing out that it will be horrendously expensive.

It will be interesting to see if TVNZ decide to move and what discussions are currently occurring between the Minister of Broadcasting Jonathan Coleman and Steven Joyce.

TVNZ should be hanging tough.  At present then all the cards should be in TVNZ’s hands.  They have the land.  However if the history of this deal, to this point, is anything to go by then we can expect SkyCity to get what it wants, and the taxpayer to end up getting fleeced.

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