Need another reason to go organic?

Last Friday I went along to a few sessions of the Aotearoa Animal Rights Conference in Wellington.

We heard from a range of people doing great work to protect animals from exploitation and I was really inspired by them.

One of the links that I hadn’t made before was between organics and animal welfare. I knew that organic farming systems have welfare standards but I hadn’t before thought about the fact that pesticides used on conventional farms have gone through animal testing regimes involving the suffering and death of thousands of animals for each pesticide product.

Another reason to reach for the organic apples in the supermarket.

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  1. There seem to be some organic shopping groups springing up. I’ve seen a few in Franklin. Some offer near wholesale prices – quite a saving – if you pay a small one-off membership fee.

  2. Organic standards for broiler chickens stipulate free range, but they still are allowed to use the genetic freaks, the sick obese babies that are genetically manipulated to grow so quickly that their legs literally collapse under their weight causing crippling lameness. A New Zealand study found up to 40% of broilers in their last week were visibly lame. Previous studies have confirmed these birds are in constant pain. Keepin birds in free range only slightly alleviates this condition. The problem is in the strain of bird used (Cobb and Ross).

  3. “Shop instead at any one of our great organic food markets”

    Will do – as soon as somebody arranges an increase in my pay.

  4. “I knew that organic farming systems have welfare standards”
    Do organic farming systems have higher welfare standards/criteria than conventional?

  5. Indeed. Shop instead at any one of our great organic food markets like Commonsense, Ceres, Harvest, Natural Organics – name your favourite.

  6. Organic apples in the supermarket? You’ll be lucky. But I’m sure supermarkets have plenty of other products that have ethical questionability, so why shop there, anyway?

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