Key’s international media FAIL

Not every bit of international media our Tourism Minister gets is good news for New Zealand as illustrated on a British website this week. New Zealand featured prominently on the Guardian website under the headline “New Zealand pushing plans to drill Middle-earth as Hobbit filming ends” which featured Key’s recent Youtube video on resource extraction, the ‘Anardarko amendment,’ the Denniston coal mine decision and New Zealand’s general climate inaction.

The Guardian rightfully calls New Zealand out the contradiction that New Zealand sells itself (and profits) as a clean and green ‘100% Pure’ location famed for its natural beauty, environment and Hobbits yet our Prime Minister is focused on drilling, mining and fracking. They ask is New Zealand about being 100% Pure or finding 50% more oil?

The valuable 100% Pure brand has come under increasing pressure this term from a toxic National Party agenda that is selling-out our environment. It’s harder and harder to make the claim when run against the long list of anti-environment decisions made by Key’s government. The toxic anti-environment agenda goes against our Kiwi values to protecting our amazing natural environment but also our economic interest. People want to travel to and buy products from a place they associate with ‘The Shire’ not with ‘Mordor.’ New Zealand’s future doesn’t lie in cramming more cows on paddocks polluting our waterways, fishing the Maui’s dolphin to extinction or hoping someone finds some oil and don’t leave too big of a mess as they get it out; it lies in smart green economic solutions like clean energy, green tech, or our ICT sector which international study after study show there are more jobs, long term gain and economic benefit than old-fashioned polluting practises.

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  1. DS @5pm Perhaps the best example is the so called “smacking bill”, where none of the major proponents had raised children.

    What are you talking about? Sue bradford has children. John Key has children.

  2. I never log into youtube. Could someone who does, write into the video, the suggestion that all offshore drillings should have a relief rig lined up?

    Do you also propose that every train has an ambulance driving next to it, in case it derails? That every ship has another ship with oil spill containment equipment following it? That every wind farm or solar panel farm has veterinarians on stand-by to rescue and treat birds that fly into them?

  3. So how do tourists get here if they don’t use oil? Swim?

    You’re happy for them to use oil, just as long as some unknown person in an unknown place takes all the risks for drilling the oil they and YOU use.

  4. The quote certainly applies to the last three decades in NZ – but where and which decades was he actually talking about?

  5. BY

    STYCHE is correct, Sowel was making the point that when your entire experience of a subject is academic you are not likely to innovate new approaches that work better than those that have evolved.

    Perhaps the best example is the so called “smacking bill”, where none of the major proponents had raised children. We now ave situations where 10 year olds told, quite reasonably by an adult to stop doing something antisocial have a single common response, i.e. ‘who’se gonna make me?’

  6. Any evidence that those things got worse after his mythical “social engineers” were involved.
    I took the quote the other way: replacing good farming practice with ever more pesticides, ge, monoculture etc…

  7. BJ,

    The quote is by the conservative economist Thomas Sowell and relates, from memory, to the impact of academics on social policy.

    The full quote is:

    Much of the social history of the Western world over the past three decades has involved replacing what worked with what sounded good. In area after area – crime, education, housing, race relations – the situation has gotten worse after the bright new theories were put into operation. The amazing thing is that this history of failure and disaster has neither discouraged the social engineers nor discredited them.

  8. why should Key even care about NZ environment? He will retire somewhere else loaded wuth big fortune came from selling us out…

  9. “Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good.”

  10. Fracking….yet again we are beholden to the ways of U.S.Their water is stuffed up with this practice and in some states its illegal to catch roof water.Mass medication, or mass poisoning!

  11. When were the Wellington offshore oil blocks offered? They are not shown on the map at 2:33 in the youtube video.

    At 2:55-ish, ultimately, earning potential depends on the capability of the people. The most obviously possible way of increasing that would be to address Maori disadvantage, so that our education system could be world-best for them as well as Pakeha.

    I never log into youtube. Could someone who does, write into the video, the suggestion that all offshore drillings should have a relief rig lined up?

  12. Exceptional concept
    Lets pull down all the houses and stuff, throw the fossle fuel consuming engines into a deep hole (or dragons mouth if you can find one), rebuild our communities as versions of hobbit on so that when the tourists come we’ll be . . .

    Oh, hang on, it’s a long way for tourists to come, especially if they can only make sails out of dead cow skin . . .

    Maybe we just carry on without the tourists..

    Yeah, that’d be good.

    Help me make a knife out of a stone and I’ll start making the d ours and furniture for my Hobbit hole out of that useless non-native tree 🙂

    Good old Guardian, shame we won’t be able to read it any more once our transformation is complete.

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