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Why do we want a GE free NZ?

by Steffan Browning

What does the Green Party have in common with the CEO of one of our largest food companies?

Goodman Fielder’s CEO Peter Reidie said in the Herald’s Chief Executives survey released today that we need “clean, green, pure, quality systems, ‘safe’ food, no GMO’s.”

Goodman Fielder owns a huge number of the iconic food brands on our supermarket shelves and in pantries around New Zealand; Edmonds, Vogel’s, Chesdale, Sizzlers to name just a few. They are a huge company, and it seems they agree with long standing Green Party policy that we should keep New Zealand farms and fields clean and green and free of GE to maintain our marketing advantage around the world.

Other CEO’s in the survey agree with our smart, green agriculture policies, although they might not realise it.

In the survey results they say that we need to protect our brand as producers of clean, safe food which means protecting the environment that production relies on.

They also subscribe to our view that as a country we shouldn’t be focusing on ever increasing production of low value products. We should be producing high quality food and fibre for customers who will pay top dollar.

Southern Cross’ Ian Macpherson said “we can grow food to sustain about 25 million people – that’s a tiny part of Asia – aren’t we spreading ourselves too thinly even now? Focus on high quality, premium prices and not volume.”

That’s exactly the vision that the Green Party have for New Zealand’s primary production sector.


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