One thought on “Paul Mees will be missed

  1. Well, public transport will win in the end but it will be a car-based system.

    All you have to do is give a specialised car (maybe a 300-500kg 2-seater or even 1-seater) the legal authority to drive itself to the next customer, and whammo! your auto-taxi system will dominate passenger transport demand just as soon as we can push those cars off the production line. How could it possibly not? The capacity issue is solved by platooning, and maybe building specialised over or under passes for small cars only.

    I know you are open to this ‘disruptive technology’ Julie, so I recommend you run with it and move the Green party and NZ in general towards the inevitable future more efficiently, if you’re not already. A sober review of what this technology can do must surely force all sides of the debate into a rethink.

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