A GE rollercoaster week

This week has been a bit of a GE rollercoaster.

On the downward spiral side, last weekend we heard that Britain will be pushing for a relaxation of rules in Europe to allow for GE crops to be grown and sold into the human food supply.

Then on Wednesday we received the latest Journal of Organic Systems, which included a paper that found a link between pigs eating GE feed and physiological changes including heaver uteri and severe stomach inflammation.

On the serious upside, on Monday we heard that Far North and Whangarei Councils are going to put in place regulations for the growing of GE crops in their regions to protect their farmers.

On Wednesday Food Safety Minister announced that among other good changes, genetic engineering will be put back in its proper place as a matter for potential consideration in the Food Bill.

And today the US Supreme Court have ruled that it’s not legal to patent human genes. While this isn’t exclusively related to GE the issue of patenting life very much is, which is why I have put forward an amendment to the Patents Bill to stop just that.

So that’s two step backwards, three steps forwards. We’re getting there!

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  1. when will people learn not to mess with nature too much with arrogence…?
    There are always consequences…too often it’s not just us, our children and their children will also suffer from them…directly or/and indirectly…

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