Bad news for SkyCity workers’ health

 There was some bad news for hospitality workers and their ability to operate in a smokefree environment at SkyCity casino today.  Two applications have been approved by the Gambling Commission allowing SkyCity to create new smoker-friendly areas.

skycity2SkyCity is currently being sued by the Cancer Society for its loose interpretation of what counts as an open area. SkyCity has a Diamond Lounge, where smokers can play pokies in a roofed area ventilated by louvre windows.

The Cancer Society, the Problem Gambling Foundation and the Salvation Army earlier this year filed for a review of the Ministry of Health guidelines that allow SkyCity to operate a smoking area.  They pointed out that the Diamond Lounge, is actually in an enclosed part of SkyCity.

The groups say when they complained to the Auckland Regional Public Health Service, it carried out tests and ruled that the lounge was an open area.

SkyCity for their part want people to combine their addictions.  They want gamblers to stay as long as possible at their machines and spending money without having to consider the consequences.

The fact that workers will be breathing in second hand smoke and that they are pushing the boundaries of the Smokefree Act is of little consequence.  It is typical of the way SkyCity operates that while under attack from the Cancer Society and groups concerned with gambling over New Zealand’s smoking laws that they push ahead with expanding smoking areas.

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  1. ““The SkyCity deal is not capitalism”

    It’s got nothing to do with capitalism, it wouldn’t matter if SkyCity was owned by a Jewish Kabutz – the ultimate in Socialism – what the deal is, is NOT FAIR. Every place in New Zealand ought to be able to do what SkyCity does that has just 1 pokie machine.

    Mind you can the proceeds of just 1 pokie machine buy a convention centre?

  2. “The SkyCity deal is not capitalism.”

    Of course it is – ‘capitalism’ is a system in which the owners of resources and the means of production can use that wealth generate a further profit, above and beyond the value of their labour.

    I think what you mean is that it isn’t free-market capitalism – but that’s a whole different thing.

  3. The Sky city CEO is quite open about it being about making more money from Asian gamblers who want to smoke, so I’m guessing any objections to smoking at the casino will be described as economic sabotage.

  4. Michelle,

    Cronyism in all its forms is not confined to capitalism. Socialists are not above a bit of cronyism.

    Suggest you study what capitalism really is. The SkyCity deal is not capitalism.

  5. Whilst smoking areas in casinos are rightfully not acceptable for casino staff to work in, are the Greens similarly disposed to prisons being smoke free?

    This in order for the prison staff to be able to work in a smoke free environment.

    Judging by David Clendons remark

    “Policies such as double bunking and the smoking ban have also caused a lot of problems in the prisons.

    It would seem one side of the Greens is not talking to the other.

    Are the Greens in favour of smoking bans in the workplace or not?

    Or do we have more hypocritical reactions here?

    If the Greens policy is for casino workers not to be exposed to second hand smoke in the work place , surely it is similarly applicable to prison workers/wardens?

    Is David Clendon singing from the wrong song sheet?

  6. The so-called ‘science’ of second hand tobacco smoke is flawed about as much as the so-called ‘science’ of weight gain and loss, and so-called ‘science’ of global warming. The Sky City employees will have no greater risk of developing smoking related diseases than street workers breathing in fumes from buses, cars, motorbikes, and trucks, in my opinion. If they think they have a real case of danger to their health, they can always get a job somewhere else, or make a claim for ‘danger money?’

    And if the Government was really serious about stopping me from smoking they’d pay for Champix for 12 months, not just 3.

  7. SkyCity is a perfect example of capitalism in all its glory. They have a lovely little ‘old boys network’ with people in power, including the current (temporary I hope) Prime Minister. They therefore think (correctly) that they can do whatever they like regardless of the laws the rest of us have to abide by. Roll on 2014 election.

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