4 thoughts on “Dole backs down on bananas

  1. Great banana info but laced with a bunch of apostrophes that don’t even look like bananas so someone should bin them: my rule for that thing is “if in doubt, leave it out”.

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  2. Yes, sorry Frog, but the apostrophes stick out and spoil the effect. Good news re the bananas though.

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  3. Perhaps I’m old fashioned but in my youth I was taught that inverted commas, as used by Mojo, serve to indicate a highly questionable, contentious, or false claim which Dole’s usage certainly is. Also used to indicate a referenced word as I do in the next paragraph.

    Furthermore, the apostrophe is a single elevated comma which indicates either the possessive “of” i.e. belonging to, or, alternatively it indicates an omitted letter.

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