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  1. Funny but sadly completely true. I’m picking National will eventually merge DoC with some other government department so that economic imperatives totally overall rule all other considerations and any semblance of DoC as we know it completely fades away.

  2. Toad,
    Remind me again about Russell Normans experience and qualifications which make him suitable for Minister of Finance. And how about Gareth Hughes experience to be Energy Minister (or should we be asking about Clints experience?)

  3. When most National MPs who voted yes for MOM Bill but chose to say nothing about Asset sales; Maggie H shamelessly bragged about how wonderfully those sales will benefit NZ economy in parliament. If she becomes the head of DOC…? OMG! Even Kiwi birds will be caught and sold to highest most likely Asian bidders, to become the latest delicacy/delicatessen(?)!!!
    What else can we sell? she will ask the same question as boss JKey constantly asked…Run Kiwi Run!

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