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Farrar wrong on renewables

by Gareth Hughes

As you might have caught we have (alongside Labour) announced a plan to cut excessive profits from the Electricity Sector and return the money to households. David Farrar over on Kiwiblog yesterday posted about the total cost of Electricity Production claiming that renewable options – which we prefer are more expensive than coal and gas. He based his claim on data from a blog advocating for more Nuclear Power in the USA. While he claimed not to be able to find any New Zealand data, and possibly couldn’t, we have found the following.


Graph of operating costs of price of existing generation showing renewables are cheaper


As you can see in the New Zealand context current generation the renewable generation is on average cheaper.

If we look at building new generation then we can see a similar picture. This, of course, ignores that there are many energy conservation measures that would be cheaper before we even think about commissioning a new plant.

Graph showing for new generation up to 1400MW renewables are cheaper.

Source: New Zealand Energy Strategy to 2050

This is why we are happy to advocate for renewable generation. It is cheaper, and will not further destabilise our climate.

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