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Attention young creatives!

by Holly Walker

A new website was launched today – www.urs.net.nz – aimed at supporting young people in getting creative.

Damian Christie, better known as host of Backbenches (which will be back on TV screens next Wednesday, by the way), has today launched his project – ‘URS’.

URS is a website where young people, aged between 13-25 years old, can submit content they’ve created. The scope is pretty broad, but includes things like photos, music videos, short stories, documentaries, etc., and can be from school projects or produced in their own time.

The only rule – “as long as it’s creative, as long as it’s yours” (oh, and age appropriate).

As well as having prizes up for grabs, the site aims to offer a supportive environment and guidance for young creatives. There will be Masterclasses from experts across the industry and academia, and information on pathways to careers.

It sounds like a really great opportunity for young people to get their voices heard and their talent out there.

Another thing happening in the world of youth is Youth Week, which is coming up in May. Although it’s not until next month, there are some events, like the short-film competition in Wellington, which have looming deadlines. Check out the Youth Week website for more info.

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