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  1. “In the longer-term powering up many different plants for new industries here with renewable energy makes more sense than being hostage to one company which imports bauxite from Australia to send elsewhere.” http://www.nzherald.co.nz/opinion/news/article.cfm?c_id=466&objectid=10874985

    At last Fran Sullivan makes some sense.

    For that to happen though, National would need to put the money that they were prepared to use, to subsidise Rio-Tinto, into supporting NZ sustainable industry. Some-thing their irrational followers, devotees of the neo-liberal religion, would not let them do.

    Money for wage rises for fat cats, subsidies to offshore corporates and to give away assets, fine. Money to support new NZ industry, no way!

  2. My link posted above (and now below) explains our massive desertification:

    It has been discovered that desertification only exists in areas that have wet and dry seasons, with consistently long stretches of no rain.

    It was originally assumed that to help fight desertification you needed to get rid of the animals that eat the plants. It has now been discovered the opposite is true. You need large animal herds to graze the plants, poo on them, and then move on in a natural nomadic fashion from area to area..this cycle keeps the soils ready-to-go for new growth in the following wet season, and major progress has been made to reverse desertification with this “natures way” process.

    Now watch the video – it’s good!


  3. I thought it must have been April fools over at Homepaddock blog when Ele posted the ‘you can’t eat money’ saying. But no, it was on March 31. The funny thing is, she got it wrong, thought it was ‘you can’t eat dinner’ and she prefers it her way! You have to laugh because otherwise you’ll cry when realise this is how the Nats think.

  4. finally another statutory holiday for us commemorating all the fools in parliament and my goodness we have a surfeit of them at this time

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